Design and build of platform

Design and Build of Staging Platform for Rail Civils Contractor

Client CK Contracts asked the Burnhouse Team to design, build and install a batch of staging platforms for use within the rail sector. Burhouse utilized 3D modeling to ensure accuracy in design.

ASME BPE Turnover Package Documentation

The Value of ASME BPE Turnover Documentation in Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical companies can derive significant value from the use of ASME BPE Standards in pipework and a good quality Turnover Package Documentation that accompanies the completed works.

Weld Cleaning on bracket

Bracket Design, Fabrication and Weld Cleaning for Saur Glasgow WTW

Fabrication and weld cleaning of a batch of Double Movement Pipe Expansion Brackets for Saur UK, for use at Dalmuir Water Treatment Works in Glasgow.

Pipework design and install for pharmaceutical manufacture

ASME Pipework Design and Fit for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Centre

3D design, build and fit of compressed air and nitrogen pipework for use within the newly constructed Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MMIC) in Glasgow.

Rope access and engineering repairs

Abseil and Rope Access to a Chimney Repair at Dawn Meats

Burnhouse Engineering provide inspection and repair services at heights using Rope Access and Orbital Welding services.

Burnhouse Maintenance Services

Site Maintenance Services for ENVA Waste Management

Burnhouse Engineering provide a full range of maintenance and repair services for ENVA Waste Management Services, helping to keep their operations moving.

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