ASME Pipework Design and Fit for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Centre

We have been working with Tilbury Douglas to design, build and fit compressed air and nitrogen pipework for use within the newly constructed Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MMIC) in Glasgow.

Our role has been to design, manufacture, install and test stainless and galvanized pipework for their compressed air and nitrogen systems including linking the nitrogen generator to the compressed air storage tanks.

The designs were created using our 3D modelling software. The level of accuracy in using 3D design is exceptional and results in an efficient build and fit-out. The design included a range of valves such as non-return, manual and pneumatic diaphragms and those were supplied by GEMU and built into the design. 

All pipework by Burnhouse Engineering is designed to ASME BPE standards – the leading pipework standards around the world. Pharmaceutical pipework requires specialist knowledge and a strict adherence to the appropriate pre-requisites and final documentation for all work undertaken. 

If you work within life sciences, pharmaceuticals or medicine and process Nitrogen, CCA, CN2, medical gas, PW or WFI, then we can help you get your operations back on track by designing and installing the right standard of pipework and related documentation. Contact us today via email or call 0800 083 6311.