Burnhouse Engineering is the Scottish Agent for the Met-Track Jib Cranes and Workstation  Cranes.

We can supply and install Met-Track crane systems as a new installation or to upgrade your existing systems.

Met-Track Workstation Cranes

The Met-Track Workstation Cranes provide overhead safe and reliable handling services for a wide variety of applications. The systems are available:

  • Floor Mounted – these are installed in your building but are not permanent and can be movedto accommodate any future developments within your facility.
  • Ceiling Mounted – if floor space is limited or access by other equipment prohibits a floor mounted system then this option can provide a suitable alternative. The support structure does need to be suitable for the loads imposed and bracing is generally required.
  • Monorail Systems – available as floor or ceiling mounted systems these use the same profiles as the crane runways and can be a single line or with curves, switches and turntables to form closed loop facilities.

Met-Track Jib Cranes

The Met-Track Jib Crane systems provide up to 360′ coverage with either an underbraced or overbraced style to provide a perfect handling solutions for tool balancers, air balancers, hoists, vacuums, lifters and welding wire feeders.

The rotation and trolley travel are smooth and effortless providing maximum control for minimum effort.

Available as:

  • JBF3 360° Rotation Under Braced Post Mount Jib Crane
  • JBW2 180° Rotation Under Braced Wall Mount Jib
  • JBF1 270° Rotation Over Braced Post Mount Jib Crane
  • JBW1 180° Rotation Over Braced Wall Mount Jib Crane