Burnhouse Engineering is the Scottish Agent for the Metreel fall restraint, fall arrest and suspended access products.

We can supply both the Met-Track Rigid rail systems and the Ladder Fall Arrests systems and our own rope-access engineering team can install them on your site. As well as new installations we can also upgrade and retro-fit your existing fall arrest systems.

Fall Arrest Ladders

Burnhouse Engineering can install any of the Metreel systems including:

  • Fallguard – manufactured and tested to EN353-1 the Fallguard system is an enclosed track vertical fall arrest system. The unique asymetric track profile combined with its retaining carriage ensures the correct orientation during insertion without any requirement for additional bolt on guides.
  • Invisirung – is Metreel’s unique fall arrest ladder with folding rungs that are extended down when climbing and then returned to behind the slim line rail when descending.
  • AL2 – an alternative to the standard Fallguard ladder that is manufactured from aluminium to provide an ergonomic ladder with impressive aesthetic appeal.

Met-Track Rigid Rail

The Met-Track Rigid Rail system is a Horizontal Fall Arrest / Fall Restraint system that utilises permanent rigid anchor rails and free running connectors housed within the profile. Available in both standard and reinforced systems it can support up to 8 users with supports of a maximum of 12m.

The rigid rail system offers safe access to all your high level work areas normally classed as high risk.

Available in multiple profiles, dual systems and alumininium profiles to meet your exact requirements.