Orbital Welding Services

At Burnhouse Engineering we have fully trained, coded welders to BSEN ISO 9606-1 and weld procedures to BSEN 15614 capable of welding most materials including some plastics using the latest welding technology.


In order to meet the evolving needs of our clients, we are constantly investing in new technologies and training – our highest priority being satisfied customers. With this in mind, we are delighted to now be able to include Orbital Welding within our range of capabilities, offering a more specialised service to our clients who have a need for a more precision welding solution.

Our orbital welding services include:

  • turntable up to a maximum of 10″
  • materials with a wall thickness between 0.1mm and 3mm
  • within a closed head between 1/16″ and 6″
  • high purity and integrity, fully penetrated welds to the standard required within the semiconductor and biopharm sectors
  • carried out at your site or within our workshop
  • suitable for use at high level and within restricted spaces
  • suitable for stainless steel, Fecralloy, Inconel, Hastlelloy and other specialist metals
  • accredited to BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004+A2:2012 and ASME-B31.1 standards



Burnhouse Engineering are now in the unique position of being able to offer Orbital Welding in tandem with our rope access services, delivering precision welding on plant or machinery which would normally only be accessible via scaffolding, resulting in considerable savings for our clients.

Our coded welders are fully qualified and highly skilled in Rope Access to help you with your weld design and provide welding services in difficult locations. Orbital welding plant is easily transportable and can be used at our client’s premises, reducing any downtime.

This high quality service will save money for many businesses across various sectors including pharmaceutical, food production, electronics, NHS, and chemical.

Find out more about our engineering rope access service.

Burnhouse’s Orbital Welding equipment is fully portable to any job anywhere in Ayrshire and further afield across the whole of Scotland.

Projects can be managed from end to end including:
• SolidWorks® 3D modelling designs
• Accurate specification
• Installation with minimal material wastage
• Quality standards BPE and AMNE B31.3 pipework standards
• Full end of project documentation pack including: passivation certificate, welding procedures and welding reports.