Rope Access for Inspections at Heights

Rope access provides work-at-height access for inspections, maintenance and repairs on difficult-to-reach industrial locations without the need for costly scaffolding, cradles, or aerial platforms.

This safe method of working at height using ropes and associated equipment to gain access to, during, and from the work position, without the use of scaffolding, cradles, or aerial platforms.

Rope access methods allow tasks to be carried out efficiently, ensuring a safe system of work is always maintained. It avoids damage to property or or disruption to operations, and comes with careful planning and documented risk assessments for each operation.

Benefits of rope access for inspections, maintenance and repairs as opposed to the use of scaffolding, cradles, or aerial platforms are,

  • Higher levels of safety and speed for workers to reach difficult locations to carry out tasks
  • Reduced impact on other operations, surrounding areas and the environment
  • Reduction of the total man-hours required to complete the task
  • Reduced level of man-at-risk hours when compared with other means of access
  • Reduced costs for a task compared to other methods of access

Burnhouse’s skilled engineers also provide rope access service for use with our orbital welding services. This further reduces the man hours required to complete tasks and costs of stoppages to operations.

Contact us today for a quote and information on how this can be employed in your business to reduce man hours and increase safety of tasks at heights.

Accreditations: ISO9001, CE Marking EN1090-1, SGS EN1090-1