ASME BPE Turnover Package Documentation

The Value of ASME BPE Turnover Documentation in Pharmaceutical

The Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries have specific needs for their process pipework. The quality and standards are higher, with higher tolerances required. This is where companies can derive significant value from the use of ASME BPE Standards in pipework and a good quality Turnover Package Documentation that accompanies the completed works.

A recent example of this is a project Burnhouse Engineering completed on behalf of Environmental Energy Controls. They manufactured and installed pipework for machine integration into an existing Water For Injection (WFI) loop for a newly installed parts washer. Further to this, the guarding around the pipework was removed, fabricated, reshaped and molded, then reinstalled to fit the machine.

The parts were manufactured over 2 days according to ASME BPE pipework standards and Turnover Package Documentation created to allow the pipeline to be instated quickly into the existing system.

The turnover package for ASME BPE 2019 pipework/vessel/skid fabrications involves;

  1. Material Documentation – This includes documentation from a EN 10240 3.1 inspection report and CoC’s for any and all materials being consumed and processed
  1. Welding, Inspection and Examinations Qualification – This includes the BS EN 15614 Welding Procedure Specification, previously receive and accepted, Welding Qualification Range and Welding Procedure Qualification Records to BS EN 9606’s
  1. Weld Documentation – This includes detailed locations of the types of inspection and location of each weld reference to its own individual, digital, welding report. Including any details for coupon logs and samples provided
  1. Testing and Examination Documentation – These documents specified mostly from the client include the passivation of the item, purge gas compliance certificates and machine calibration records for any and all tools used. However, this is the opportunity to specify Non-Destructive Examination requirements and weld inspection type/percentage required for validation by the user/owner
  1. System/Equipment – As with any pipeline, standard handover paperwork is required in the form of Piping and Instrument Diagrams, Standard Operating Procedures, Manufactures Records and Operations Manuals.

Although there are many other specific requirements from ASME BPE 2019, the key areas of importance are stated above.

The team at Burnhouse Engineering can supply all necessary paperwork and fabrication compliance to ASME BPE 2019 standards including references from previous projects. We are able to handle all aspects inhouse from Project Management, Quality Management, In-house Fabrication including a portable Orbital Welding, Installation and Passivation requirements.

If you work within life sciences, pharmaceuticals or medicine and process Nitrogen, CCA, CN2, medical gas, PW or WFI, then we can help you get your operations back on track by designing and installing the right standard of pipework and related documentation. Contact us today via email or call 0800 083 6311.